First Baptist Church
Tuesday, October 21, 2014

 First Baptist Church

Ponce de Leon, Florida 

"A Reformed Baptist Church of the SBC"

(Changing Lives Since 1886)

"Committed to the Sovereignty & Glory of God in all that we do!" 

Times of Service
Sunday Morning
Sunday School
9:45 AM
Childrens Church
11:00 AM
Morning Worship Service        
11:00 AM
Sunday Evening
Choir Practice
4:30 PM
Childrens Church
5:30 PM
Evening Worship Service            
  5:30 PM
Wednesday Nights
Youth Activities
6:00 PM
Mission Kids (RA's / GA's)
6:00 PM
Adult Prayer Meeting              
  6:00 PM
Our Leadership
Greg Alford
Senior Pastor & Elder.  . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jesse Spiers
Associate Pastor (Music)  & Elder. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Everett Laird
Adult Teacher & Elder. . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
What We Believe!

Post Tenebras Lux ~ "After Darkness, Light"



The Five Solas of the Reformation!

Sola Scriptura
We reaffirm the inerrant Scripture to be the sole source of written divine revelation, which alone can bind the conscience. The Bible alone teaches all that is necessary for our salvation from sin and is the standard by which all Christian behavior must be measured.  We deny that any creed, council or individual may bind a Christian's conscience, that the Holy Spirit speaks independently of or contrary to what is set forth in the Bible, or that personal spiritual experience can ever be a vehicle of revelation.

Sola Christus
We reaffirm that our salvation is accomplished by the mediatorial work of the historical Christ alone. His sinless life and substitutionary atonement alone are sufficient for our justification and reconciliation to the Father.  We deny that the gospel is preached if Christ's substitutionary work is not declared and faith in Christ and his work is not solicited.

Sola Gratia
We reaffirm that in salvation we are rescued from God's wrath by his grace alone. It is the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit that brings us to Christ by releasing us from our bondage to sin and raising us from spiritual death to spiritual life.  We deny that salvation is in any sense a human work. Human methods, techniques or strategies by themselves cannot accomplish this transformation. Faith is not produced by our unregenerated human nature.

Sola Fide
We reaffirm that justification is by grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone. In justification Christ's righteousness is imputed to us as the only possible satisfaction of God's perfect justice.  We deny that justification rests on any merit to be found in us, or upon the grounds of an infusion of Christ's righteousness in us, or that an institution claiming to be a church that denies or condemns sola fide can be recognized as a legitimate church.

Soli Deo Gloria
We reaffirm that because salvation is of God and has been accomplished by God, it is for God's glory and that we must glorify him always. We must live our entire lives before the face of God, under the authority of God and for his glory alone. We deny that we can properly glorify God if our worship is confused with entertainment, if we neglect either Law or Gospel in our preaching, or if self-improvement, self-esteem or self-fulfillment are allowed to become alternatives to the gospel.       

Copied from the Cambridge Declaration 

Expositional / Biblical Preaching!
"Brethren, we must preach the doctrines; we must emphasize the doctrines; we must go back to the doctrines. I fear that the new generation does not know the doctrines as our fathers knew them." ~ John A. Broadus, (1827-1895)   Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, (1859-1895)

Church Planting & Missions!  
First Baptist Church is "Passionately Committed" to the work of fulfilling the Great Commission.  We support the missionary work of the Holmes County Baptist Association, as well as giving generously to local and overseas missions work through a Christmas and Easter offerings each year.  First Baptist Church is also actively involved in the Missions work of planting new churches!  In a joint effort with the West Florida Founders Fraternal we are the sponsor of Grace Community Church (a new Baptist church) in the growing community of Mossy-Head, Florida, and our senior pastor (Greg Alford) serves on the advisory board of the missionary agency, International Servants, Inc. 

From our Pastor
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“A man’s free will cannot cure him even of a toothache, or of a sore finger and yet he madly thinks it is in its power to cure his soul! The greatest judgment which God Himself can, in the present life, inflict upon a man is to leave him in the hands of his own boasted free will.”  ~ Augustus Toplady 1740-1778 (Baptist Preacher & Song Writer)
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